Best Chef of 2015: Alana Shock

Walker Evans Walker Evans Best Chef of 2015: Alana ShockPhoto by Rebecca Wagner.
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While personal preferences change on which restaurant you like best, there are certain chefs that have become well known locally to the point that many diners will seek them out wherever they go. That includes restaurant changes, special events and cooking classes that feature the techniques and ideas from these culinary creators. In 2015, we asked our readers to pick their favorite chefs in the city, and at the top of the list was Alana Shock of Alana’s Food and Wine. Long considered one of the city’s top restaurants, Chef Shock made some waves in 2015 when she hinted that she may or may not close the restaurant in 2016 to pursue something new. She declared fine dining is dead, so you can likely expect something more casual from her in the future, no matter where she’s cooking next.

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The Top 10 Columbus Chefs of 2015:

  1. Alana Shock of Alana’s Food & Wine
  2. Bill Glover of Gallerie Bar & Bistro
  3. Marcus Meacham of Trois Ragazzi
  4. Vince Martin of Forno Kitchen + Bar
  5. Kent Rigsby of the New Albany Country Club
  6. Seth Lassak of Wolf’s Ridge Brewing
  7. David Tetzloff of G. Michael’s Bistro
  8. Matthew Heaggans of Flatiron Bar & Diner
  9. Hubert Seifert of Spagio
  10. Andrew Smith of Salt & Pine

Note: Our “Best of 2015″ lists are published as the result of our annual reader survey/poll.

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