Best Brunch of 2014: Tasi Cafe

Walker Evans Walker Evans Best Brunch of 2014: Tasi CafePhoto by Walker Evans.
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If there’s one thing that Columbus food fans love, it’s a good brunch. From the greasy-spoon breakfast side to the upscale hearty lunch-ish options, many brunch styles are available and embraced. When we polled our readers on their favorite brunches of 2014, many familiar places rose to the top of the list, topped by the Tasi Cafe in the Short North.

This brunching-favorite is one of the most definitive restaurants on the list, as they serve breakfast offerings all day long, and only stay open until 5pm (no dinner service). Which means that any day of the week, you’re able to brunch it up here with Buttermilk Pancakes, Smoked Salmon Bagels, Monte Cristo sandwiches, and plenty of other options.

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The Top 10 Best Brunches in Columbus of 2014:

  1. Tasi Café
  2. Katalina’s
  3. Northstar Cafe
  4. Skillet
  5. Wolf’s Ridge Brewing
  6. Union Cafe
  7. Milestone 229
  8. Due Amici
  9. Explorer’s Club
  10. Lindey’s

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Note: Our “Best of 2014” lists are published as the result of our annual reader survey/poll.

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