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Best Brunch of 2013: Skillet

Walker Evans Walker Evans Best Brunch of 2013: Skillet
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The voters of this year’s reader survey decided to return Skillet to the top title of Best Brunch in Columbus after last year’s dethronement by Tasi Café.

“While restaurants that start badly very rarely get good, eateries that open strong often fade away,” explains CU Food Critic Miriam Bowers Abbott in her October review. “Meanwhile, in the four years it’s been open, it seems like time has stood still for Skillet. It’s still in a teeny spot on Whittier, and Skillet is still serving food that’s from some odd zone caught between homespun and fancy.”

Chef Kevin Caskey serves up an ever-changing menu of favorites including breakfast risotto, griddled cinnamon rolls (pictured), smoked brisket hash and their farmstead cheese omelette.

For more information, visit www.skilletruf.com.

The Top 10 Brunches of 2013:

  1. Skillet
  2. Northstar Cafe
  3. Tasi Café
  4. Katalina’s
  5. Surly Girl Saloon
  6. Explorer’s Club
  7. Milestone 229
  8. Union Cafe
  9. First Watch
  10. Matt the Miller’s Tavern

Photo by Mollie Lyman.

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