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Best Bites Breakdown: Gallerie Bar & Bistro

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Best Bites Breakdown: Gallerie Bar & BistroPhoto by Mollie Lyman.
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If there was ever a burger that would make the locals stand up and yell, “O-H-“, this one would be it. Executive Chef Bill Glover of Gallerie Bar & Bistro has always had an affinity and respect for local  ingredients, and for Best Bites: Burgers, he’s putting all that passion on the plate.

There isn’t a single component of the Ohio Burger that’s not locally-sourced or house-made. The burger patty is Ohio Black Angus, the cheese, Canal Junction Ludlow, and the bacon for the Coffee Rubbed Bacon part of the sandwich, from Saddleberk Farms.

The toppings are all Ohio-farmed as well (less than 50 miles from downtown), from the heirloom tomatoes, to the frisée lettuce. The final elements of the Ohio Burger are made in-house: Blackberry Ketchup, Smoked Onion Dijonnaise, and a Bacon Brioche Bun.

Together, these ingredients add up to a delicious burger that not only celebrates our state’s lush bounty, but highlights how scrumptious simple can be. This is a burger made up of the usual suspects – beef, lettuce, tomato, cheese, bacon, and condiments – but done in a way that’s fun and unique.

There aren’t many restaurants where every component on the plate is produced  in-state, but at Gallerie, where the mantra is to push the boundaries without losing site of home, creativity, and delectability, comes when you begin from within.

So, is an all-Ohio burger then, necessarily, the best burger in Columbus? Come find out at the Best Bites: Burgers event, scheduled to take place on Wednesday, August 20th, 6pm – 9pm, at the High line Car House, 550 South High Street. [Tickets to Best Bites: Burgers are currently sold out.]

For more info about Gallerie, visit www.galleriebarandbistro.com.

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