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Beignets at Creole Kitchen

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This morning, I *finally* got to try Chef Butcher’s beignets over at Creole Kitchen. OMFG. $2 has never tasted so good. I’m in absolute heaven.

Beignets from Creole Kitchen

Not sure if he makes them other than on weekends, but no doubt that THIS will be a weekly stop for me. Yes, they are that good. Sprinkled with powdered sugar and eaten in the car while they are still hot, they are a thing of beauty. Just wanted to give you fellow foodies a heads up on one of the best things I’ve eaten since I’ve moved to this town. Who’s been holding out on me? What other items in Columbus are “don’t miss” for you?

If you’d like to go: Creole Kitchen, 20th & Mt Vernon, King-Lincoln District.

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