Be My Neighbor – Colonial Hills Edition

 Donnie Austin Be My Neighbor – Colonial Hills Edition
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I’ve been a resident of Colonial Hills in Worthington for almost eight years. It’s a neighborhood that I’d call a hidden treasure, located on the south edge where Worthington meets Clintonville and flanked by the Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian-inspired Rush Creek (many aren’t familiar with this tiny community but should check it out if interested in architecture).

There’s a lot of history with our neighborhood and I’ve followed “resident and historian” George Campbell’s findings and anecdotes over recent years, including photos and videos of homes and families from the 1940’s and 1950’s. Colonial Hills was first plotted in 1927 but not developed until 1942 when the government wanted to create affordable homes for white collar government employees involved with World War II. Nine different styles of homes were originally designed by local architect Todd Tibbals and prefabricated offsite. Our home on Loveman Avenue was built in 1942 according to the auditor’s website, but other resources state that the Schottenstein family built our home after World War II when two-story homes were added to the mix. The neighborhood expanded over a decade to over 800 homes.

Park Boulevard Park has a beautiful wooded setting.

Colonial Hills reminds me of 1900’s America. Friendly neighbors who keep an eye out for you and wave when you drive by, big trees that show a barrage of color in the fall and homes with character without the feel of suburbia. We have our own Facebook page where we can communicate what’s happening in the neighborhood, including block watches, school happenings and lost pets. The strong civic association always puts together events that bring the community together. While these seem straightforward and simple, they’re a couple of examples of “community.” I’ve heard countless people say that they used to live in Colonial Hills and it’s never been the same sense of community.

Selby Park has a large kid play area, grassy lawn and shelter house.

Indianola Park has play areas for younger and older children, baby swings, swings, basketball court, soccer field and tennis court.

Most of the neighborhood is within a mile of downtown Worthington with easy access to SR315 and I71 to get to downtown Columbus or other parts of town within 15 minutes. While many of us wish we had larger kitchens or another bathroom, the neighborhood is perfect for younger couples and families wanting the amenities of Worthington at a relatively affordable price. Over my time in the neighborhood, I’ve seen the neighborhood transform from the older generation that always occupied these homes to a younger generation wanting to raise their family in our cozy community. My wife Megan would describe the architecture as postwar with a lot of Cape Cods, ranches and two-stories under 1500 square feet. Our home is under 1100 square feet with a basement but we still feel comfortable. Over the last few years, we’ve had numerous friends move into Colonial Hills or neighboring areas.

We’d love for you to be our neighbor and become a part of our community.

And now, the homes:

House #1

63 E. Southington Ave., 3 Bedrooms, 2 Full and 1 Half Bath, 1686 sq ft. $269,500

House #2

440 Colonial Ave., 3 Bedrooms, 1 Full Bath, 1 Half Bath, 1176 sq ft. $184,900

House #3

276 Park Blvd., 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, 1777 sq ft. $159,900

House #4

334 Loveman Ave., 4 Bedrooms, 1 Bath, 1627 sq ft. $174,200

House #5

506 Loveman, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Full Baths, 1389 sq ft. $189,900

House #6

543 Loveman Ave., 3 Bedrooms, 2 Full Baths, 1364 sq ft. $189,900

House #7

580 S. Selby Blvd., 4 Bedrooms, 3 Full Baths, 2325 sq ft. $249,500

House #8

170 E Selby Blvd., 3 Bedrooms, 1 Full Bath, 1 Half Bath, 1178 sq ft. $169,500

Be My Neighbor is a series showcasing what your money can buy in different neighborhoods in Columbus. This is not professional advice and there is no financial incentive for us if these homes are purchased. We just want to showcase our great neighborhoods and the homes that are in them. All information was accurate to the best of our knowledge at time of publishing. If you are house hunting, good luck to you!

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