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Barroluco Food Truck To Serve Up Argentinian Comfort Fare

Rebecca Wagner Rebecca Wagner Barroluco Food Truck To Serve Up Argentinian Comfort FarePhoto via Barroluco.
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Columbus will soon gain Argentinian flavor in the form of family-run Barroluco food truck.

Omar D’Angelo and his family journeyed to Columbus from Mendoza, Argentina in 2000 in the wake of a countrywide financial crisis. Shortly after arriving, they began baking cakes and cooking for friends, realizing there was a market for homemade goods in the Latin community. D’angelo’s Bakery opened in 2009, shortening the name to D’Angelo’s in 2012.

After years of well-received participation in the Festival Latino, the family changed the name to Barroluco in 2014. The name Barroluco stems from a grilled meat and cheese sandwich of the same name, created in Chile and adopted by Argentinians. Barroluco’s signature sandwich is two layers of thin miga-style bread filled with a protein, egg, ham, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and a healthy dollop of their secret recipe chimichurri sauce. Chimi-q, another of their homemade sauces, is a savory combination of the same chimichurri and barbecue sauce.

Barroluco’s menu includes empanadas, ribs, paella rice, Argentinian pizza, and a lomito. Churros, pastries, and their signature torta cake, layered with fruits and soaked in coconut and fruit juices, round out the menu with a dose of sweetness.

A selection of sangria, mojito, and mojito mocktails will potentially also be on the menu.

“The purpose of our service is to open the door to the culture and experiences which flavor the Latino community – serving those who have an affinity for convenience, and a palette for fine food as an affordable luxury, where the focus is on food as an experience and an emphasis is placed on family,” said D’Angelo.

For now, Barroluco is open as a home catering and baking service. The food truck is slated to open later this summer. If all goes well with both operations, the D’Angelo’s plan to go forward with opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant.

To read more about the business behind Barroluco, CLICK HERE to visit TheMetropreneur.com.

For more information, visit www.barroluco.com.

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