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Balboa Submitting Plans for Patio Revamp Next Week

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega Balboa Submitting Plans for Patio Revamp Next WeekRenderings courtesy Brad DeHays.
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In the midst of an interior and patio revamp, Balboa in Grandview has closed to the public as of Tuesday, Jan. 8. The bar and restaurant is still hosting private parties, and there’s a hopeful reopening date set for St. Patricks Day.

Balboa has always “crushed it” in the warm, summer months, says managing member Brad DeHays, but as fall and spring have gotten rainier, it’s been cutting deep into their patio season. In July, they started planning for a patio remodel that will allow them to keep the space open through September and October, and March and April as well.

Next week they’ll take their plans to the Grandview Heights Planning Commission, which lay out designs for a patio structure that can offer some shade. Future renderings will depict a partial roof, and “our hope is that more than half will be covered,” says DeHays. They’ll also add custom light fixtures by Lundberg Industrial Arts, gas heaters, and a fire feature.

On the inside, Balboa will see some minor changes as well, most notably an extended bar. In its current state, DeHays says the bar’s position is a little awkward, and it’s been a feature they’ve been meaning to improve since they acquired the space back in 2015.

“The bar is detached from the entry and the patio, so we want to extend the bar down so you don’t have to go too far to get a drink,” DeHays says. “If you’re on the patio and it’s busy enough to where there’s people standing around, we want the bar to be quickly approachable.”

As Balboa undergoes these renovations, they’ll send the staff to the restaurant’s sister bars, Hadley’s and Grandview Cafe. Barring any complications, DeHays says they’re planning a reopening for mid-March. 

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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