Bake Me Happy Bus Set To Roll Out this Summer

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Bake Me Happy Bus Set To Roll Out this SummerPhotos via Bake Me Happy.
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Bake Me Happy is the love child of partners Letha Pugh and Wendy Miller Pugh, a diagnosed gluten intolerant. Noticing the distinct lack of sweet treats for celiac sufferers, the ladies, in conjunction with ARC Industries, created Bake Me Happy last Spring.

Success was immediate, so much so that this summer, the ladies will launch the Bake Me Happy Bus, a rehabilitated 1978 VW Bus that will appear at festivals and deliver their delectable treats to the masses who crave them.

Currently, Bake Me Happy operates out of a commercial kitchen that’s closed on the weekends, which then limits just how much love the team can spread. This new mobile selling vehicle will allow them more flexibility and greater reach.

The ladies won’t actually cook out of the bus, just sell, which means that when the product is gone, it’s gone, at least for that day. They will also be able to cater private events, like weddings and birthday parties, as well as make deliveries to more areas around Central Ohio.

Customers can still expect to find the standard treats for which they’re known – Twinkies, Oatmeal Creme Pies, and the addictive Slow Burn Peanut Butter Cookies – but will also be able to try more sophisticated version of these snacks, like Red Velvet Coconut and Boston Cream Pie Twinkies.

The cost will also remain much the same, with Twinkies costing $2.50 a piece, and pies running at $4 a slice. The Bake Me Happy Bus will be at music, art, and food truck festivals this summer once up and running.

“We love Columbus and the vibrant food community,” shares Miller Pugh. “Honestly, there are a lot of VW Bus lovers out there, so we can’t wait to spread some gluten-free happiness.”

The ladies are planning to have a party to celebrate the launch of the bus, and some other things they have up their sleeves, so to follow their progress, visit

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