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Baba’s Porch Food Trailer Opens at Seventh Son Brewing Co.

Rebecca Wagner Rebecca Wagner Baba’s Porch Food Trailer Opens at Seventh Son Brewing Co.
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Dan and Caroline Kraus, the minds behind That Food Truck, have rolled out a new food venture.

Baba’s Porch, a mobile food trailer, has opened on Fridays at Seventh Son Brewing Co.

Big Red, the couple’s nickname for their That Food Truck truck, was facing a bevy of mechanical problems over the past few months. It broke down on Fourth Street about a month back, and the Kraus’s knew it was time for a change. After a day of heavy brainstorming and Craigslist trolling, they ended up buying a handsome cedar-covered trailer from Lebanon. Three weeks of construction touch-ups later, Baba’s Porch was ready to roll out.

Baba’s, which previously faced an unsuccessful Kickstarter, is currently securing the last amount of financing for the buildout of their brick and mortar, a combination specialty grocery store/bakery/restaurant.

The menu is very similar to That Food Truck’s. Main offerings include an inside-out grilled cheese, pork sandwich, diner burger, loaded pork fries, and a loaded corn dog. A meatless sandwich will be available for vegetarians. A weekly special will be rolled out soon, which the Kraus’s hope to act as a testing ground for Baba’s brick and mortar dishes. Sandwiches, side included, will run you $9.

Baba’s Porch will be at Seventh Son 11 am to midnight on Fridays. They’ll additionally serve lunch from the future Baba’s location at 2515 Summit Street, Tuesday through Thursday.

For more information, visit www.babasporch.com.

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