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Award-Winning Shorts Series Comes to Gateway

Hope Madden Hope Madden Award-Winning Shorts Series Comes to GatewayPhoto by Walker Evans
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“A roller coaster of imagination and possibility,” is what ShortsTV is calling its program of animated shorts—the first in a series of short film compilations being screened virtually via cinema websites across the country.

Here in CBUS, you can watch their One Small Step beginning this weekend via Gateway Film Center’s virtual screening room.

Every two weeks a new feature-length compilation will be made available for a three-day rental at the cost of $7.99, a portion of which will be kept by the theater. According to the ShortsTV press release, the organization launched the initiative to support independent theaters “whose businesses have been devastated by the global pandemic.”

Gateway’s president and programmer Chris Hamel is thrilled to participate.

“There’s a variety of programming we’ve been able to offer since suspending our in-person programming in March—variety in genre, price point, perspective,” he says. “This mix is important to us, and shorts blocks are a fantastic way to introduce a range of filmmaking perspectives under one umbrella. The distribution partner on this series has helped us bring the Oscar nominated shorts to Columbus every year since 2009.”

The first compilation was crafted to be uplifting, family-friendly animation.

“They’ve themed this collection under imagination and possibility,” Hamel says. “And it is a gift as a programmer and as a father. These may appear to be simple stories on the surface, but I’d encourage you to dig into them. Animation is a specific art form worth championing. I promised my 8-year-old that we would watch them together this weekend. I can’t wait.”

According to Hamel, short films and animation are both worthy of support.

“We exist to support and celebrate storytellers,” he says. “Short films carry as much potential to challenge, entertain, uplift and inspire as many feature films and I love taking risks in our programming by encouraging people to discover these great stories. Also, many feature filmmakers get started by making short films and we have an obligation to help audiences see these films. The shorts in this collection are all from amazing filmmakers.” 

As the GFC/ ShortsTV partnership moves forward, Hamel expects more outstanding content to share.

“Shorts International is in the process of assembling new collections from their catalogs of Oscar nominees and winners and tapping into their decades of relationships in the industry,” he says. “We’re excited to see what they select and how they curate the program. Since this is available in our new virtual screening room, proceeds from your rental help support the Center.” 

The animated shorts program One Small Step consists of:

  • Maestro (2019)
  • Oscar nominee Gopher Broke (2004)
  • After the Rain (2018)
  • Oscar nominee One Small Step (2018)
  • The Green Bird (2017)
  • Jubilee (2016)
  • Achoo (2018)
  • Outdoors (2017)
  • Voyeurs (2017)
  • Oscar nominee Borrowed Time (2015)
  • Oscar winner Bear Story (2014)
  • O28 (2019)

To screen the program, visit Gateway Film Center’s virtual screening room.

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