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Available Light Theatre Has God’s Ear Tonight

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Available Light Theatre kicks off their latest performance tonight with the opening of God’s Ear, a new play written by Jenny Schwartz. From their website: “In this beautiful and bizarre new play, a family is both torn apart and drawn together by the accidental death of a child. They are aided in their search for connection and solace by flights of fantasy involving a singing Tooth Fairy and a life-size G.I. Joe. In the space between what is said and what is unspeakable they find a heartrending collage of truth and cliché.” We sat down with director Eleni Papaleonardos to discuss the reasons why everyone in Columbus should be going to see this show.

Q) What sort of criteria does a play need to have to give you the desire to direct?

A) I look for plays that tell a story in a different way. I’m dyslexic. My dyslexia and the coping techniques I’ve learned have affected large aspects of my life. I’m very interested in stories that aren’t straight forward, because really so little in life is straight forward. As a performer and creator I like to tell stories physically. Jenny Schwartz using language like I use movement, far from the literal world.

Q) Speaking of language, do you have any favorite lines of dialogue you have that you could share with us?

A) Hahah! So many great lines. There is a whole monologue of Mel’s that I would quote if there were space!

Here’s 5 of my favorite in no particular order:

“Aloe is nature’s way of saying ‘I’m sorry'”
“A call girl is a girl that you call”
“I just have so much love and nowhere to put it”
“Did you know that we grow and grow until we’re twenty-six, and then we start to atrophy?”
“Crafty my ass.
You’re all thumbs.

and the one that just kills me:

“I just want to buy my son every action figure in the history of action figures.  He wouldn’t have to share them. I just want to watch my son outgrow his action figures.”

Q) Lately we’ve been seeing you on the stage performing. Were there any parts in this play that you could have seen yourself stepping into?

A) There are aspects of every character in this script that I would love to play!  I’m in love with all of it.

Q) The show is taking place in the Columbus Dance Theatre this time around. Are there any specific challenges or advantages you’ve found in the space as compared to the Riffe Center where some of the other events have been held this season?

A) Every space is different. As a company with no specific theatre home there are pluses and minuses to different spaces. The great thing is that with no home, we can often choose a space that fits the play. “God’s Ear” has an empty, wide, expansive feeling to it. CDTs stage helps evoke that feeling.

Q) If any readers haven’t yet made it to an Available Light event, tell us why they should make this one their first.

A) Available Light doesn’t compete with the movies.  We choose plays that could have no better medium than live theatre.  “God’s Ear” wouldn’t work as a movie, as a book, etc.  It can only exist on the stage.  There is communion and catharsis that happens when watching something live in front of you.  You laugh when the characters can’t, cry when the characters aren’t able.  Also, it’s pretty badass.

God’s Ear runs June 11th through the 20th. More information can be found online at Avltheatre.com.

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