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United Football League looking at Columbus

 The Hegemo

Business Wire wrote The United Football League (UFL), a new professional outdoor fall football league scheduled to debut in August 2008, is inviting fans to help determine which markets will host teams for the league’s inaugural season through an innovative program with TicketRESERVE. The UFL and TicketRESERVE campaign enables fans the opportunity to purchase reservations […]


TeeJaye’s on Dublin Road is closed

 The Hegemo

I just drove past it on my way back from downtown. Sign is gone; it’s empty inside. I usually take 670 to and from work, so I don’t know how long it’s been closed.


Del Taco is coming to Columbus

 The Hegemo

They have an ad in the Sports section of the Dispatch today that they’re looking for franchisees in this area. I think they’re mostly in the west. I’ve been to Del Taco in St. Louis…it’s okay, similar to Taco Bell. http://www.deltaco.com Related Topics: – Who’s gonna open a replacement for taco ninja? – Taco+Beer has […]


Jackets single-game tickets on sale this Saturday

 The Hegemo

And Friday they’re doing a “preview sale” where you can buy the Huntington Green Seats $10 tickets that are usually only sold two hours before game time for some of the games. Training camp also starts this Friday and the first preseason game is Sunday. How time flies… http://cdn.nhl.com/bluejackets/images/upload/2007/08/02167_320x340.gif

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