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MadLab’s 2011 Theatre Roulette: QUEEN OF HEARTS

 Submitted News MadLab’s 2011 Theatre Roulette: QUEEN OF HEARTS

On Thursday night, I went to see the QUEEN OF HEARTS night of plays at MadLab’s 2011 Theatre Roulette. I usually expect a night of laughs from MadLab’s roulette, but was in for a somber surprise. “Seldom Heard,” written by Mary Steelsmith and directed by Michelle Batt, is the story of a wife and her […]

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Franklinton Farm Project Competes for Pepsi Grant

 Submitted News Franklinton Farm Project Competes for Pepsi Grant

Franklinton Gardens – an urban farming project located in the historic west side neighborhood of Franklinton – is currently competing for $50,000 in funding through the Pepsi Refresh Project. Started in 2007 as a lone community garden on a small vacant lot, Franklinton Gardens has since developed into a thriving network of gardens and food […]

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Con Am’s Annual Xmas Spectacular Opens Wed

 Submitted News

Gather your friends, family, or just yourself and head down to the Riffe Center for a holiday theater experience that will have you laughing your socks off. Available Light Theater’s Consolidated Amalgamated’s Annual Xmas Spectacular Featuring Artie Isaac opens Wednesday, December 8, 2010 and runs through Sunday, December 12, 2010. Co-written by Artie Isaac, Matt […]

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Cuzzin’s Frozen Yogurt – Review

 Submitted News Cuzzin’s Frozen Yogurt – Review

It seems that lately Columbus has had quite the proliferation of frozen yogurt stores. It seems like it wasn’t too long ago that people on here were asking themselves “why don’t we have a frozen yogurt place, like pinkberry, in town.” And now we have lots of options. Red Mango, Yagoot, Orange Leaf, and the […]


Children’s Theatre Review: The Dinosaur Musical

 Submitted News

Let me begin by saying that my organization has an agreement with the Columbus Children’s Theatre to photograph the remainder of their productions for the 2010 – 2011 season, so we are affiliated according to the FCC. That said and regardless of our affiliation, I LOVED their new show The Dinosaur Musical which we photographed […]

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Screen on the Green Ends with “Best In Show”

 Submitted News Screen on the Green Ends with “Best In Show”

Dog shows can be helplessly dramatic. Most of us have caught glimpses of them on television and some of us may have even participated in them, but one thing is indisputable: prestigious canine competitions are unintentionally hilarious. So when beloved mockumentarian Christopher Guest spoofs the world’s largest dog show and includes actors like Eugene Levy, […]

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Ohio is Ground Zero for Biomass Fight

 Submitted News Ohio is Ground Zero for Biomass Fight

Several of Ohio’s coal-burning power plants plan to burn trees as a means of generating “biomass” electricity. In fact, Ohio is ground zero of a nationwide push by power companies to cut and burn the nation’s forests to generate power. According to Cheryl Johncox, executive director of Ohio forest advocacy group Buckeye Forest Council, “biomass […]


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