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2012 Year in Review: 42 Restaurant Reviews

 Morgan Kelley 2012 Year in Review: 42 Restaurant Reviews

I ate a lot in 2012. Well, perhaps I ate just as many meals as anyone else, but when I look back on my restaurant reviews it seems like a tremendous amount of food when viewed all at once. A lot of it was wonderfully delicious, and some of it missed the mark. I’ve decided […]

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Review: Sage American Bistro Brunch Menu

 Morgan Kelley Review: Sage American Bistro Brunch Menu

Sage American Bistro has been around for four years now, serving the Old North Columbus neighborhood with fantastic dinners and brunches. Following Chef Bill Glover’s departure from daily duties at Sage to head to the new Gallerie Bar & Bistro at the Downtown Hilton Hotel, I wondered if the restaurant was still staying up to […]


Review: 101 Beer Kitchen

 Morgan Kelley Review: 101 Beer Kitchen

The 101 Beer Kitchen is the first restaurant to open in a former Hoggy’s location when five of them suddenly closed back in January. The new concept made quick work of updating the old space in the Kroger Marketplace Center in Dublin near the intersection of Sawmill Road and Hard Road. The new interior is clean, […]


Review: Columbus Brewing Company

 Morgan Kelley Review: Columbus Brewing Company

The Columbus Brewing Company is known best for their India Pale Ale, Summer Teeth and Winter Warmer. But the restaurant side of the company is known best for its upscale bar menu that features burgers, burritos, pizzas and entrees designed to compliment their locally brewed beers. Tucked away on a quiet street in The Brewery […]

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Review: Downtown MoJoe Lounge

 Morgan Kelley Review: Downtown MoJoe Lounge

Coffee? Check. Happy Hour? Check. Weekend Brunch? Check. The five MoJoe Lounge locations (Short North, German Village, Easton, Downtown and the Airport) are Columbus institutions that mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Conceptually, there’s something noble in the attempt to please everyone with everything, but sometimes a few of […]

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Review: Lunch at Deepwood

 Morgan Kelley Review: Lunch at Deepwood

Similar to Black Creek Bistro (which I reviewed last week), Deepwood is another gem in the local dining scene that allows for both date night extravagance and affordable lunchtime options. The standard soup, salad, sandwich selections at Deepwood are punctuated with high brow ingredients including duck confit, chilled oysters and pheasant sausage. Still, many of these […]

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Review: Lunch at Black Creek Bistro

 Morgan Kelley Review: Lunch at Black Creek Bistro

Black Creek Bistro is often regarded as one of the top dining experiences in Columbus, which makes this restaurant an excellent choice for a date night or special occasion. But what you may not know is that Black Creek also excels during the lunch hour by providing the same high quality food in sandwich formats […]


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