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CrossFit: Part Deux

Mitch Potterf Mitch Potterf CrossFit: Part Deux

If you read my first article on CrossFit and you are still here congratulations. I’m sure you are stronger, fitter, smarter, better looking and a whole lot cooler person. If not, there is still hope for you… just click here, spend a few minutes catching up, and we’ll be on our way to more awesomeness. […]


April Fools: Restaurant Review: The Clarmont

Mitch Potterf Mitch Potterf April Fools: Restaurant Review: The Clarmont

I was excited when Miriam asked me to meet her at 684 South High for a restaurant review. While I may have been a fitness professional for half of my life, I have been eating my entire life, so I am clearly qualified to evaluate fine dining. Just imagine all the important people I’ll see […]


Fitness: 7 Things You Need to STOP Doing

Mitch Potterf Mitch Potterf Fitness: 7 Things You Need to STOP Doing

Quit wasting your time doing these seven things, and you will be well on your way to your health and fitness goals in 2014 and beyond: 1. Bread & Pop Seriously… stop. I don’t care what any of the giant farm-lobby-supported health organizations say; bread is the ultimate processed carb. I’m not saying that the […]


CrossFit – Myths and Misconceptions

Mitch Potterf Mitch Potterf CrossFit – Myths and Misconceptions

It’s a new year, resolutions are being made and on top of the heap are health and fitness promises. Most gyms will be frantically busy for the next few months until things slow down and all the determination is replaced with excuses. Chief among the fitness to-do lists is Crossfit. Crossfit is one of the […]


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