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Dewey’s Pizza: coming soon to West 5th

 Mister MooCow

Anybody know anything about the new Dewey’s Pizza going in on 5th near Northwest? The sign out front says they’re not going to open until early 2009. The website says that their menus vary by city (currently in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, and St. Louis), but I didn’t notice any differences in my quick […]


Snowville Creamery: For Lacto-Loving Locavores

 Mister MooCow

I just noticed that the Clintonville Giant Eagle and Clintonville Community Market have started carrying milk from Snowville Creamery. Warren Taylor and his crew deliver non-homogenized whole milk (as well as 2% and skim) that comes from truly contented cows roaming the hills of Ohio, just down US 33. Note that the expiration dates on […]


Rojo Tequilaria has closed

 Mister MooCow

We went to Rojo Tequilaria last night. The server and Hilda Esparza (the chef who brought all the recipes) said that it was their last night–that George (Tanchevski) had sold the place to another Mexican restaurant (I think she said La Fogata?). It’s supposed to re-open in 4 days or so. Hilda said George is […]


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