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Arcade Fire to Rock Ohio for Obama


Pitchfork wrote Arcade Fire to Rock Ohio for Obama Posted by Matthew Solarski and Amy Phillips in politics on Fri: 02-29-08 Win Butler can talk the talk, and now he and several of his Arcade Fire bandmates are prepared to walk the walk in support of Barack Obama’s bid for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. […]


Columbus band featured in BMW commercial


I found this through donewaiting.com, Tough and Lovely’s BMW Commercial: … pretty cool.


New German Village Bakery: Bakery Gingham


I didn’t see this piece of news anywhere else on the boards, so here goes… Last week i was at Brown Bag deli and the little liquor shop they had on the side was undergoing some construction. i picked up this week’s GV gazette and there is an article about the place going in there. […]


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