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Prizm Art Supply going out of business


Looks like everything is around 25% off, and they may haggle it’s on the north end, off of Polaris Parkway. 1270 E Powell Rd Lewis Center, OH 43035 (614) 841-4540

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Photos from the Dublin Obama Rally


Like an idiot I didn’t bring my camera, but the nice folks sitting next to me sent me some of theirs. So here they are, and then my impressions of the whole event: I got there around 4 PM, and got into the line in the back of the stadium (there were three entrances). I […]


Ohio says no to voting machine ‘sleepovers’


  Ohio.com wrote Ohio says no to voting machine ‘sleepovers’  By STEPHEN MAJORS Published on Tuesday Aug 19, 2008 Poll workers will not be allowed to take voting machines home for safekeeping in the days before the November presidential election because the practice known as “sleepovers” is an unacceptable security risk, Ohio’s elections chief said […]


Galeria ZonaCoraZon in Short North Closes


Galeria ZonaCoraZon has closed indefinitely after a disappointing March Madness Sale. Their Ethnographic art from Mexico and other countries hasn’t been appreciated in Ohio going back even into the 1980’s with the Ohio Gallery. from http://highstreetart.blogspot.com/ here’s the shops website This bums me out, but I’m not surprised. I really digged this shop, as I’m […]


Local Artist gets write up for out of town show


thesouthendnews.com wrote Art Night at the Fi-Nite Crystal Nelson Issue date: 9/12/07 Fi-Nite Gallery curator Maya Caldwell explained, “I think Ernest is inspired by the cubist and the futurist movement; he employs studies of motion and colors.” Also turning heads at the Fi-Nite Friday evening was Sara Adrian with her paintings titled “Bus Stop Waiting” […]



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