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Supreme Court Sides with Stivers for 15th District


The AP wrote Brunner: “Ohio high court orders 1,000 ballots thrown out” COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – The Ohio Supreme Court has ordered officials to throw out 1,000 provisional ballots that had been improperly filled out by voters in a tight congressional race. In a 4-2 decision on Friday, the court struck down Secretary of State […]


Strickland to hire GOP incumbents


The Columbus Dispatch wrote Gov. Ted Strickland might have found a new formula for helping his fellow Democrats capture control of the Ohio House this year: If you can’t beat ’em, hire ’em. Strickland already has been plenty helpful to House Democrats, particularly in their fundraising efforts. Now, in a move that has angered Republicans, […]


Favorite Developments

  Favorite Developments

What’s Your Favorite Development? Okay, so we all bitch (well, at least me) enough about developments we loathe (everything from bad aesthetics, density, location and/or timeliness.) I want to know what are your favorite developments. There are some constraints: The development doesn’t have to be from Columbus, but must be appropriate for our city and […]


Is Marc Dann the Columbus Version of Elliot Spitzer?


So a while ago it was reported (on a less than credible blog) that Marc Dann’s scheduler, Jessica Utovich, had on her MySpace page that she was in a sexual relationship with Dann. Looks like the rumors are starting to get more validity behind them. This Plain Dealer article is one of the funniest news […]


City’s measured growth conserves past gains


The Dispatch wrote A sharp slowdown in the city of Columbus’ once-sprawling growth isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. Thursday, February 14, 2008 Blossoming like a well-cultivated rose is, in Columbus’ case, preferable to growing like a weed. That’s not to question the benefit of the city’s policies of the past. Anyone conversant with Columbus’ […]


Strickland: Keno, Job Slashing and Facility Closure


Gongwer wrote Gov. Ted Strickland on Thursday announced more than $730 million in budgetary adjustments to counter an expected drop in tax intake through July 2009, the end of the current biennium. A state-run keno game for bars and other venues is expected to boost Ohio Lottery profits by $73 million on the revenue side, […]


Urban-Spirit Coffee Shop opens soon in King Lincoln


Press Release wrote Urban-Spirit Coffee Shop opening soon in the King Lincoln District January 17, 2008 Now residents on the Near East Side will not have to travel so far for a gourmet cup of coffee! Nestled in what is known as Columbus’ Cradle of Jazz, Urban-Spirit Coffee Shop, Ltd is a coffee shop and […]