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Film Review: Of By For an eye-opening political drama

 Marcus Erridge Film Review: Of By For an eye-opening political drama

This new documentary from locally-based production company Old Machine takes us on a journey along Route 66 in and around the last election. The film explores the relationship between voters and the modern politician and asks us to consider; who gets their kickbacks on Route 66? In the era of opinion news and the rise […]

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Film Review: The Source Family

 Marcus Erridge Film Review: The Source Family

This extraordinary documentary truly tests the theory that truth is stranger than fiction. You would be hard pushed to invent a story as bizarre and outrageous as the life and times of Jim Baker (aka Father Yod) and The Source Family. From the burst bubble of the hippie generation, they turned on, tuned in and […]

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Film Review: Oblivion

 Marcus Erridge Film Review: Oblivion

Oblivion is a stunning Sci-Fi adventure starring Tom Cruise as a drone repair man who battles unseen foes in an apocalyptic future earth. So it’s been a tough few decades. An alien attack has destroyed the moon, and the earth has been decimated by subsequent natural disasters. The earth is now a barren, radioactive landscape […]

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Film Review: Silver Linings Playbook

 Marcus Erridge Film Review: Silver Linings Playbook

This refreshing and inventive character piece fared pretty well at the Oscars. Best Actor nominee Bradley Cooper stars alongside Best Actress winner Jennifer Lawrence and Best Supporting nominees Robert De Niro and Jackie Weaver. So, is Silver Linings Playbook Oscar worthy? Lawrence certainly deserves the award and on the night, all the central performances are […]


Film Review: Mama

 Marcus Erridge Film Review: Mama

Mama tells the story of two young girls who are abandoned in the woods by their deranged father, then discovered alive five years later. Mama is produced by Pan’s Labyrinth’s Guillermo del Toro and is an assured feature-length directorial debut from Andrés Muschietti. Mama enjoys a similar gothic horror verve to recent del Toro-produced pictures […]

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Film Review: Django Unchained

 Marcus Erridge Film Review: Django Unchained

Tarantino’s new blood soaked Western is set in the Deep South during slavery. Jamie Foxx stars as freed slave Django, unchained by German bounty hunter Dr Schultz, to hunt down some wanted slave owners. Christoph Waltz was excellent in Inglorious Bastards, and he brings another assured performance as Dr Schultz, with a similarly quirky mix […]


Film Review: Lincoln

 Marcus Erridge Film Review: Lincoln

Daniel Day-Lewis shines in Spielberg’s epic historical bio of the Great Emancipator. Spielberg’s film focuses on Lincoln’s campaign to abolish slavery with a constitutional amendment while trying to bring an end to the civil war. Day-Lewis portrays Lincoln with a quiet authority. He is grandfatherly and reflective at times, stoic with a steely determination at […]

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