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Review: The Suisse Shop Bakery


Where was The Suisse Shop when I was choosing wedding cake? The answer is: Polaris Parkway, where they’ve been located since 2003, quietly dominating the Columbus wedding cake market. And actually, wedding cake is just one thing they’ve perfected. Perfection is the name of The Suisse Shop’s game and as much as it sounds like […]


Cafe Lola – Sopressata Review


working downtown, i start to salivate every time i hear of a new restaurant opening within walking distance of work. so when cafe lola popped up as part of the nbc studios extravaganza at broad and high, i had to check it out. adding to my anticipation was the news that cafe lola is a […]


Bistro 86, Asian Fusion – Sopressata Review


Hidden in a strip of industrial grandview real estate, Bistro 86 is coming up with some really intriguing and fresh fusion flavors. We started with the bistro 86 croquettes – “a signature dish of japanese sticky rice, pork and romano, fused with a special blend of seasoning”. the appearance and crisp exterior were appealing. the […]




eating at tasi was really a pleasant surprise. there are plenty of places to get a sandwich/soup/salad for lunch, but few that source local ingredients, make almost all ingredients in house (including roasting their own meats!) and do so for a reasonable price. the menu is expansive and here’s a bonus: they serve breakfast all […]


Yuen’s Restaurant


have you ever loved a restaurant? i mean really loved a restaurant? the food is excellent all of the time and it’s never too crowded to get a table. you feel right at home there, you know the staff and the menu is great but most of the time you just have the chef make […]


Pistacia Vera to offer seating in December


This morning, Anne from Pistacia Vera was kind enough to inform me that they will be offering seating inside the restaurant around the end of december. very cool! Related Stories: – “New Restaurant” in German Village – Pistachio moving – Pistachio is now Pistacia Vera in German Village – Pistachio – A Virtual Tour Via […]


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