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Take the “Shape Our Future” MORPC survey

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Via Email from MORPC: Shaping our Future is a plan the Mid Ohio Regional Planning is spearheading for 12 counties in central Ohio. Expected to be completed in 2012, Shaping Our Future will integrate elements that impact the region including the transportation system, land use patterns, air quality, energy security, water quality, food production, and […]


Restaurant Review: Gloria’s Soul Food

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The best part about exploring and throwing caution into the wind is the fact that you will find the best places merely by taking a chance or by what would be described as total accident. That was the result of the drive Christine & I took on Saturday and Gloria’s Soul Food, along East Main […]


Food Justice: Take A Bite Out Of Culinary Crime!

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You will not find any super heroes here or at least find anyone wearing a cape and possessing extraordinary powers. Though, you will find people spreading the word that what you are eating may be contributing to the destruction of your well-being. Their weapon of choice: educating the public that you don’t have to be […]


Greener Grocer’s Veggie Van Ready to Roll

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The Greener Grocer’s Veggie Van will be kicking off its tour of Cbus-area neighborhoods on Monday. The Greener Grocer’s Veggie Van offers fresh, local and healthy fruits and vegetables straight from the farm to our neighbors in need. It is a farm market on wheels. The Veggie Van is equipped to accept EBT cards (Food […]


Restaurant Review: Banana Bean Cafe

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Breakfast From The Liquor Cabinet. There isn’t much new that could surprise me when it comes to breakfast and I would probably eat 99.9% of what is placed in front of me. You see breakfast in my eye is just that good and a trip to Columbus’ Brewery District Banana Bean Cafe at 340 Greenlawn Avenue […]


Top Top Kitchen & Cocktails Review

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I have been to Tip Top Kitchen & Cocktails more than just a few times over the past year or so and I don’t believe I have ever been disappointed. That doesn’t mean no one has, but since Tip Top seems to be packed most evenings I guess you could say plenty of people would […]


Review: Ying’s Teahouse & Yum-Yum

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Having lived in four states and gone away to college I say it is probably a good bet that if you have been to one Chinese restaurant, you have been to them all, yes? I know that isn’t the case, but it does some truth to it. Although I found a Columbus-area venture that breaks […]


The Columbus Coffee Festival Returns!

The 6th Annual Columbus Coffee Festival returns on Saturday September 25th and Sunday September 26th!