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The Mental Floss Trivia Show Arrives in Columbus

 Colin Perkins The Mental Floss Trivia Show Arrives in Columbus

Mental Floss – the company that makes it their mission to make you “Feel Smart Again” – will bring its unique brand of humorous trivia to Columbus this Thursday evening when it hosts The Mental Floss Trivia Show at Polaris Fashion Place. The show will be the featured entertainment at the Nissan LEAF Drive Electric […]


Catching Up With the Clippers

 Colin Perkins

After a short All-Star break, the Columbus Clippers kick off the second half of their inaugural season in Huntington Park tonight at 7:05pm with Cleveland Indians former 19-game winner Fausto Carmona on the mound. I chatted with Clippers Assistant Director of Marketing Ty Debevoise to get his mid-season thoughts on the Clippers new home, the […]

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New Zach Galifianakis Film Screening

 Colin Perkins

Recent weeks have seen an inevitably loud game of “I’ve Known About Him for Years” – every snobbish comedy nerd’s favorite pastime. This quickly occurs whenever a seemingly-new comedian experiences a breakout in a mainstream show or movie. The star comedian in the current spotlight is Zach Galifianakis – the longtime indie standup darling that […]


Opening Day at Huntington Park

 Colin Perkins

A crowd of over 11,000 gathered to welcome the Columbus Clippers to their new home at Huntington Park on Saturday. Many fans were lined up hours before the 4pm opening pitch in hopes of getting one of the 1,500 tickets that were held until game day. Even though the Clippers ultimately lost to the division […]


April Fools: Ohio Looks to Pump Up the Popularity

 Colin Perkins

Citing the success of Ohio rappers such as Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Lil Bow Wow, Governor Ted Stickland today launched a campaign entitled Hip Hop On Over to Ohio, aimed at encouraging rappers and other hip-hop artists to visit, live in and rap about the state of Ohio. “The state of Michigan is making a play […]


The Columbus Coffee Festival Returns!

The 6th Annual Columbus Coffee Festival returns on Saturday September 25th and Sunday September 26th!