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Review: Rue Dumaine in Dayton

 Andrew Hall

The quick version : French bistro, competently done. Would go reasonably often if it was close, but not worth a special trip. Somehow the fact that there is a Beard Award-winning chef about 75 miles from Columbus totally escapes the notice of the supposed restaurant review person at the Dispatch. Anne Kearney is an Ohio native. […]


Concrete Jungle (Baker’s Acres) on High Street

 Andrew Hall

In the ex-Urban Gardener space, Concrete Jungle run by Baker’s Acres has now opened up. Wreathes and holiday stuff now with a plan for a large assortment of the goodness from BA and the ability to order and pick up there. Awesome! (Yes, there was a tiny notice about this plan in the IV meeting […]


Z Pizza is now open in the Short North

 Andrew Hall

Zpizza opened today. Alec and I stopped in for an after school snack. Three slices – Pepperoni, Santa Fe, Greek. All enjoyable. Nice crust. Toppings good. Fresh tomato on the Santa Fe literally squirted juice. The only downside is the healthy approach (part of the original impetus to start zPizza) which gives ‘low fat pepperoni.’ […]


Northstar hours to change – for the worse

 Andrew Hall

This morning I was told that NS is not going to be open until 9am starting next month. “Quality of life” for the staff was a phrase I heard. That really sucks hard. Northstar is our go-to breakfast place for business meetings and, given who I see there like a local elected official this morning, […]


Council hearing tomorrow on Columbus bike laws

 Andrew Hall

There is a substantial re-write of City of Columbus laws with regards to cycling on the table. For some reason, Councilwoman Tavares has hijacked what was supposed to be about a proposed mandatory helmet law for kids in Columbus and turned it into a massive piece of ill-considered re-do of code with no input from […]


Columbus featured in Bicycling Magazine

 Andrew Hall

Sort of, says Bicycling Magazine in the June 2008 issue. We are not a Top 5 city (Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Boulder, SF). We are not a most improved city since their last rating in ’06 (DC, Louisville, NYC, Minneapolis, San Jose). We are part of ‘Five for the Future’ with Boston, LA, SLC and Fargo. […]

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House Wine : New wine shop in Worthington

 Andrew Hall

Saw a new shop in the little plaza by Graeter’s when we were at the farmer’s market on Sat, but it wasn’t open. Stopped by today while Alec in a guitar lessons. House Wine is a small boutique shop with a hand-picked selection and a symbolic system for food pairings and wine styles. Typical price […]


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