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Auddino’s Bakery & Cafe Closing in Hilliard

Walker Evans Walker Evans Auddino’s Bakery & Cafe Closing in HilliardPhoto by Walker Evans.
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After two years, the Auddino’s expansion at 3560 Fishinger Boulevard in Hilliard is calling it quits. Owners of the cafe and bakery posted on Facebook this evening that their final day in business will be December 31st. They confirmed over the phone that they will continue to be open during their regular hours until 3pm on Wednesday before closing for good.

Auddino’s is well known for their “doughssants”, a doughnut-croissant hybrid that became nationally known as a “cronut” last summer when rival bakeries in New York City brought them into the limelight.

“The Doughssant looks pretty innocent, like a super shiny croissant,” said CU Food Critic Miriam Bowers Abott in her review of the treat last year. “However, this super shiny croissant has not been baked. Oh no, those buttery layers of pastry are fried, and the frying makes all the difference. The process locks in all the moisture and fat and makes for an uncommonly rich and tender treat.”

If you can’t manage to get to the Hilliard store before it closes in a few days, it’s also worth noting that the original bakery at 1490 Clara Avenue near the Ohio State Fairgrounds will remain open as usual for your future doughssant (and other baked good) needs.

For more information, visit www.auddinosbakeryandcafe.com.

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