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Au Bon Pain Closes Downtown, Opens at OSU Medical Center

Walker Evans Walker Evans Au Bon Pain Closes Downtown, Opens at OSU Medical CenterPhoto via Au Bon Pain on Facebook.
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Boston-based cafe chain Au Bon Pain just quietly completed the relocation of its singular Columbus location from Downtown to the OSU Wexner Medical Center. The former location at 20 South Third Street just closed up their doors yesterday, vacating a retail space inside the PNC Plaza building.

Donna Alsheimer, Hospitality & Communication Manager confirmed that the Downtown closure coincided with the opening at OSU, but declined the opportunity to provide any further details on either location.

Currently, the Au Bon Pain website does not list any Columbus stores, though a staffer at the The James Cancer Hospital location confirmed that they’ve been open for several weeks on the conference center floor. Amanda Harper, Director of Media Relations for The OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center confirmed that the restaurant is open to the public, but declined the opportunity to provide any further details on the new cafe.

In related news, UNITE HERE, a national labor union, launched a consumer education campaign this week, claiming that Au Bon Pain misleads customers with a brand that focuses on providing healthy alternatives, but actually fails to deliver on those standards.

“Au Bon Pain’s menu contains items that are no better than what you might find at fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s,” says Diego Parra, Communications Specialist at UNITE HERE in a press release issued yesterday. “This may be a particular concern for holiday travelers, given the brand’s presence in airports and train stations. Au Bon Pain also operates in hospitals where increasing demands to provide healthy food have led to voluntary standards, some of which Au Bon Pain fails.”

The press release points out that all of Au Bon Pain’s lunch and dinner hot sandwiches contain more calories than a McDonald’s Big Mac, and that 8 out of 11 croissants and ‘croisbuns’ on their menu have more saturated fat than a Big Mac.

The organization set up a website with additional information at www.nobonpain.info.

For more information, visit www.aubonpain.com and cancer.osu.edu.

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