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Attention: Get to Pearl Alley for the Perfect Snack

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So, I just got back from the Pearl Market, and I had to sit right down and tell everyone to get there on their lunch break for some Nellie’s Samosas. I am always lamenting our lack of street food here in Cbus, so when I saw the samosas I was excited.

The samosas are fried fresh and they have this amazingly arromatic spice blend, and are only slightly spicy. There’s a nice little hot aftertaste, but the chai cooled it right down. I had the meat version, but they also have a vegetarian version. They are served with lemon wedges which they encourage you to squeeze over the pastry.


samosa inside

They also have freshly made iced chai which is very good. The woman in line in front of me said it tasted just like the chai in India. It was spicy and not too sweet, strong on the tea and refreshing. I am sure it will be welcome on days when it is really sweltering.

pearly market 013

2 palm-sized samosas are $4, Iced Chai was $2.50, so the snack (which could be lunch for some) was $6.50. totally worth it for the homemade treats. And if you are scared to buy, they have tiny little sample-sized samosas.

Please support small upstarts like this! They make our city a better place!

Nellie’s Samosa’s stand is located just north of Ringside, on the same side of the alley

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