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Attention Crafty People! Help me decorate my apron!

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The North Market Apron Gala is coming up (May 17th, only $75 per person, and I assure you there is plenty of food and drink to be had), and I am planning my outfit. Last year I wore a super cool apron which was given to me, and came from Anthropologie. It was, of course, fabulous, but I couldn’t be seen wearing the same apron two years in a row!!

This year, I thought maybe I’d get a head start on the process, and this is where you readers come in. Are you crafty? Artsy? This is your chance to pimp out your products.

I am thinking of an Ohio-Centric apron. Made by Ohioans, decorated by Ohioans. Ideally, I would like to purchase an apron from a Columbus crafter, hopefully a full bib-style (with pocket) so that I can attach as many things as possible. If you make aprons, or anything food or Ohio-related, which is reasonably priced (say, under $15), which can be pinned/ironed/whatever onto an apron, please let me know (SweetStella, I’m thinking of a pin with an Ohio, a tomato, a corn, a potato, an apple, a cherry?). Please attach picture or link or idea or whatever.

If my apron is fabulous enough, and I am nominated for best apron (which I was last year, it doesn’t matter, because the same person always wins), I can stand up and tell everyone where the stuff came from.

After the event, I will take pictures of everything and post links to your etsy/shop/whatever so that my readers can check out your products.

Also, if you make small handbags with really long straps (the kind which can be worn across the chest, messenger bag style, hitting at the top of the legs), please let me know that, too. Those are my favorite kinds of bags. I’ll carry that, too. Must have room for small camera, lip gloss, cell phone, and money!

I’d like to have everything by May 12th, which is the Monday before the event.

ps – I look especially good in green!

pps – no Buckeye gear, please

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