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Atreyu Is Coming to Grandview Theater & Studio 35

Hope Madden Hope Madden Atreyu Is Coming to Grandview Theater & Studio 35The NeverEnding Story - Photo via IMDb
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One little boy’s imagination can save the world, although bad things will happen to his horse. It’s a theme as old as time, kids, and it’s unspooling in Columbus this weekend.

Wolfgang Peterson’s 1984 fantasy classic The NeverEnding Story comes to Studio 35 this Friday, November 12, and the Grandview Theater on Saturday, November 13. What’s more, Atreyu himself (Noah Hathaway) (without Falkor) will be in attendance.

“That’s almost as big as a Goonie to me,” says event organizer Mike McGraner. “It’s a great cult film. I figure this will be something fun.”

The film was a moderate box office success on its release, raking in Science Fiction and Fantasy awards and eventually spawning two sequels. But Eighties nostalgia has pushed it back into pop culture.

“It’s right in the ‘80s window,” McGraner says. “Stranger Things singing the NeverEnding theme brought the song back a little bit.”

If you have seen the film, maybe you just want to revisit that one scene with a roomful of other traumatized viewers.

“He’s riding his horse across the Swamp of Sadness,” McGraner remembers sadly. “It’s one of the most depressing scenes ever made and it ruined everybody’s childhood.”

What did we expect from the director who made Das Boot?

Because the film on its own sold out the Grandview in a recent screening, McGraner thought Columbus deserved an opportunity to see the film and meet its star.

“If you’re a fan of the movie, it’s very rare there’s a chance to meet Atreyu,” he says, pointing out that Hathaway’s character has achieved cult status in the years since the film’s release. “Hot Topic sells his shirts. Anywhere you go you see Atreyu on Falkor flying through the sky. He’s a pretty iconic character. It’ll be fun to catch up with him now.”

Friday and Saturday screenings begin at 11:30 p.m. Hathaway will be on hand for photos, autographs, and a post-screening Q&A.

Tickets are $20. Autograph/photo combos are available on site for $40 ($45 if paying with credit card).

For tickets to Friday’s event at Studio 35, visit studio35.com. To see Saturday’s screening at Grandview Theater, visit grandviewtheater.com.

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