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At Home: The Lofts at 106 N. High St.

Anne Evans Anne Evans
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You may not think of downtown living as a peaceful oasis, but that is just want Kimberly and Johnny Brown found when they moved into their condo in The Lofts at 106. They first looked at the project three years before it was built. At the time, the only other condo buildings available were the Waterford Tower, Jeffrey Place and Miranova. The interior light well of 106 N. High intrigued them; they would have no views of the exterior world. Instead they would have a peaceful home to come relax and leave the hustle and bustle of the city at the door. They live in their 2100 square foot, 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo with their two dogs, Kudra and Oedipus.

Signing on to the building so early meant that they were able to combine two units, and they are one of the only units with a gorgeous 5×5 corner jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom. It also meant that there was a possibility that they would have to leave some of the early additions and changes behind should they not go through with the purchase, but that did not become a problem. They love the building and its unique concept with the light well and the 100 year old pine floors. Not to mention that it is also close to both of their jobs and they love the lifestyle of living downtown.

Their condo is on the 6th floor of the building and light floods into the space. The light well does not take away your privacy; the opposite units have smoked glass windows so everyone’s privacy is assured.

The couple has included many unique artistic pieces into their modern eclectic style. Johnny collaborated with Mac Worthington and Todd White to create the bar at one end of the condo. The kitchen counter and stools are also done by Mac Worthington. The pale white walls work as an excellent backdrop to showcase the rest of their art collection. They have collected pieces over time and some of them have special meaning – they have a painting of the gazebo in Charleston, South Carolina where they were married. They have also gotten an original painting from Grandview Mercantile.

Besides Grandview Mercantile, they have picked up unique pieces from the now defunct Global Living and Four Winds. They have also added some custom built pieces when they were unable to find just what they were looking for.

Although they picked out all of the finishes and details for the condo before they moved in, there is always a little project to do somewhere. Their latest one involves adding glass mosaic tiles in each of the bathrooms. If they are not changing things in their own condo, they are helping to improve the common spaces. The latest project there involves turning the space at the bottom of the light well (on the lobby/first level of the building) into a sculptural rock garden. It did just have a floor of sand. They have worked with other owners in the building to create a serene space for all to enjoy.

The couple is also participating as one of this year’s City Hop Progressive Dinner hosts. To change things up this year, City Hop has asked people living in 10 different condo buildings to host a Progressive Dinner to give City Hop guests a glimpse into the lifestyles and decorating techniques of people living downtown. The Browns are working with L.A. Catering of Lifecare Alliance to provide a delicious main course for the Lofts at 106 Rhythm and Lights dinner. The Progressive Dinners are Friday, June 12 and tickets are $75 per person and include a tour ticket to City Hop.

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