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At Home: Personal Style in a Clintonville Cottage

Anne Evans Anne Evans At Home: Personal Style in a Clintonville Cottage
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Elisabeth Warner and her daughter Emma have been living in their cute cottage-style home in Clintonville for about five and a half years. They had been living in the Franklin Park neighborhood, but with many friends in Clintonville, that was a much better neighborhood fit for them. While on her house hunt, Elisabeth’s Realtor showed her this particular one a couple of times. Elisabeth wasn’t exactly thrilled with it; it was pretty unkempt and needed a deep clean. She placed offers on a few other homes, but they weren’t working out and she kept coming back to this one. Her Realtor asked her to “just try to picture yourself here” and she did, and ended up getting the house for quite a deal.

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The 1,000 square foot, two bedroom, one bath home’s layout does not lend itself to providing much privacy, but Elisabeth and Emma have come to enjoy the openness of the rooms and it is plenty of space for them to live in, entertain friends and enjoy their newest family member, a yellow lab named Spike. Elisabeth has always had an appreciation for older things, and the hundred year old house (built in 1907) has an old beauty to it. The home’s beauty is enhanced by Elisabeth’s deeply personal and eclectic vintage style.

When they first moved in, the kitchen and bathroom had vinyl flooring. That had to go and nice hardwood floors were revealed. Elisabeth likes to keep them painted white. It makes the rooms feel big and bright. She repaints them about once a year, but it is a labor of love. She says she “loves throwing paint on things.” She added that her walls have probably been painted five times. Currently, the color palette shows rich beautiful colors that provide a beautiful background for the various curios that hang on the walls. The rooms have also housed many configurations of furniture.

Most of her favorite decorating items are pieces that have familial meaning. A wall had been wallpapered for a few years with pages of an old French book from her grandfather. When she was ready for a change she didn’t want to completely part with the book, so instead decided to frame a few pages and hang them on the wall. A collection of plates includes some that were her grandmother’s and some that were pretty finds on shopping trips.

Some of her favorite places to shop: when she’s feeling splurgy – Collier West or Anthropologie, or thrifty – various thrift stores such as Ohio Thrift and the Antique Mall at Como & High. She enjoys finding lots of little things at On Paper. Many of the furniture pieces are family heirlooms. The dining table has been in her family for three generations and Emma looks forward to it belonging to her to one day. Elisabeth recovered the 50s style chairs that surround it in a beautiful map fabric.

They like to change up what’s on display in their home, constantly curating and editing things. For quite a while Elisabeth enjoyed a minimalist style. But then she decided that she should be looking at the things she liked and enjoying them on a daily basis.

Elisabeth and Emma really enjoy living in Clintonville. Their street is pleasant and the various styles of architecture make it interesting. Elisabeth grew up in Victorian Village and loves Columbus because it is filled with good people who are making the intentional choice to live here. They enjoy the dog park and bike path. Although they do quite a bit of cooking at home and hosting potlucks for friends, they do enjoy going out to Blue Nile, Udipi Café and Northstar Café.

Looking for some help to make your house beautiful and a reflection of your style? Elisabeth owns Pluck, a small business focused on home styling and staging. Visit her website for more information.

At Home is a monthly column on Columbus Underground focused on urban home remodeling and style as well as older home renovations and unique homes in Columbus. If you would like to have your home featured in the At Home series, please send an email to Anne at [email protected].

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