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At Home in The Buggyworks

Anne Evans Anne Evans
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Welcome to the first installment of a new feature on Columbus Underground called “At Home”. We will be touring homes in the downtown area and its surrounding neighborhoods. Our first home belongs to Jason and Kate Lyman. They live on the third floor of The Buggyworks.

When Jason and Kate Lyman were looking for a new home about two years ago, they wanted something in a fun neighborhood with lots of happenings, but also some quiet time. They found that in The Buggyworks. Their 1200 sq. foot condo is unique in that it contains exposed brick walls from the firewall of the building. It is one of only a few of that square footage that has exposed brick. They fell in love with the look of the brick, the exposed beams, the wood floors and the large windows that let in lots of light throughout the entire condo. Jason and Kate said that the windows were their favorite thing about the space, but Jason also admitted to loving his tv!

Their condo also boasts a unique layout with a larger than usual bedroom. The kitchen is in the center and all of the rooms are connected around the kitchen. When you first open the door, you are greeted by a long foyer and a 1/2 bath to the left. Then as you walk inside,  you can turn left to go into the bedroom, or continue on into the combined kitchen/dining/living space. A master bath with double sinks, huge closet space and den area complete the floorplan.

Kate, who has spent much time as an interior decorator, did most of the decorating. Although they did not get to pick out the finishes in the condo, they really liked them and they fit the couple’s eclectic-contemporary style. Her favorite place to find treasures is The Grandview Mercantile. She is also pretty crafty, making the storage console in their foyer herself from a couple of boards, burlap and nail heads!

They have really enjoyed living in The Buggyworks building, it is a great historic building and a wonderful neighborhood. There is a common area on the rooftop that includes tables, chairs and a couple of grills, not to mention a fantastic view. It is not uncommon to find people up there all summer long hanging out, drinking wine and just enjoying life. The great community, proximity to everything and ability to walk many places is a great asset to the building. With the completion of Huntington Park in the spring, the neighborhood is going to be bustling.

Although they have loved living in their condo, the Lymans are looking to move in the spring. They are hoping to find a yard and some space for their two dogs. If you are interested in The Buggyworks and are looking for your new place, contact Tina Goodman with HER Real Living.

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