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At Home: In Sixty Spring

Anne Evans Anne Evans
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This month we are back downtown to take a look inside Dawon Hawkins’ condo at Sixty Spring. He has been living in Sixty Spring for three years, and has been a downtown resident for quite sometime. He first lived in German Village and then moved to an apartment on East Town Street across from the Topiary Park. When he decided he wanted to buy, he looked at everything downtown. Everything. If there was a condo development Dawon knew all about it and had checked it out. When he took a tour of Sixty Spring, he saw his future home when it was very bare bones and fell in love with it. The 800 sq. foot condo had soaring windows, gorgeous views of downtown and the original floors from its former life as an electrical supply warehouse. He was the first person to rent his place and the second he was able to purchase it, he did.

Sixty Spring is divided into a renters side and an owners side. But everyone that lives there shares a love for downtown. They are a tight-knit community of various backgrounds and ages, but everyone appreciates the urban lifestyle. Dawon is the Condo Board President for Sixty Spring and helps coordinate many social events for the residents so no one feels isolated. With the weather getting warmer, the condo will have events like doggie dates, yoga in the courtyard and gardening in the courtyard.

Dawon’s style is ‘soft modern.’ He loves texture and strong design and uses bold colors and that create an energetic but calming mood. Some of his favorite pieces have come from Grandview Mercantile in the Short North. He found his dining room table there and also his living room rug. The table has so much character and its honey-color really warms up the space. He also loves the lighting fixture in his living room. It is a fan where the blades change position, so you can create different moods. You can find it at Bernard Electric on Third St. He also likes many of the modern pieces offered at West Elm. Now that they have opened a store at Easton, it is easier to take advantage of their sales.

Dawon has added two built-ins in his home. He had a tv cabinet built and also the kitchen island. The kitchen island has made entertaining a breeze. You feel right in the middle of the party when you are at Dawon’s.

He is a big promotor of downtown living and his condo conveys that. He says he wanted a place that was “stylish, young and urban and looked like you lived downtown.” If you are looking for the same feel, give Sixty Spring a look. Currently they have nine unoccupied units. You will find a great place to call home and meet a lot of great new friends. Don’t forget that this year’s City Hop tour happens June 13! Check out the Columbus Landmarks’ Website for more information.

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