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At Home: German Village Restoration

Anne Evans Anne Evans At Home: German Village Restoration
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This month we explore a beautiful and meticulous renovation in German Village. When John Napier’s wife decided to move here for work, they decided they also wanted to buy a house in German Village. John says, “we never really considered living anywhere else.” German Village is wonderful. He went on to say, “German Village is the best neighborhood I have ever lived in. It’s quiet, the people are friendly and each day there is another set of flowers blooming. The wonderful smells change day to day and morning to night. I really can’t imagine living in a nicer neighborhood.” That would be hard when you have this beautiful four bedroom, 3 bath, 2900 square foot home planted on a great street corner to come home to every day. And, having a cute dog that likes to sit in the front window on the third floor ready to greet you when you get home doesn’t hurt either.

The house was built in 1868 of very hard golden bricks made of sandstone. When the Napiers bought it a couple of years ago, it had a casino operating out of it. Luckily that part of its past did not do much damage to it, besides some choice woods being carved into a room’s hardwood flooring. A lot of the trim is the original dark stain. The house has four fireplaces that have original tile that boasts beautiful color. The tiles in each room serve as the decorating focal point with the wall colors playing off of them. The Napiers repainted every room. The fireplace in the master bedroom has been converted into a little nook for their dog.

For furniture, much of it has been found at The Grandview Mercantile. Their decorating style stays period to the house. This is first house that John feels he doesn’t completely feel that he owns. He said, “I feel more like a caretaker of a living historical museum. This house has a character and soul.” You feel that as you walk through it. Maybe it is the age of the home, the darkness of all of the woodwork, or the exposed brick walls, but the house feels as if there is a heaviness to it, like it will be around forever.

John is taking some landscaping courses at Ohio State and has worked on their back patio himself. Some of the flowers in the front yard were bought at the North Market.

One of his favorite projects in the house was a guest bathroom. The counter top is a gorgeous piece of soft white marble. John not only likes the look and feel of it, he loved its price. It was a piece from the scrap pile at Corner Stone Granite. The granite and installation was only $325. They have also had some work done by Franklin Art Glass. The blue glass door between the master bedroom and bath, and the front window. They are waiting on the studio to finish glass work for the front door.

All of the art in the house is done by John, his wife, or their family or friends. John did the piece, “Primary Intersection” and his wife took all of the photos, the ones above their bed are from their honeymoon in Italy.

When it is time for them to move, hopefully the new owners will be as caring as the Napiers have been.

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