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At Home: Colorful Beechwold Home

Anne Evans Anne Evans At Home: Colorful Beechwold Home
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It was haircut day at Kipp and Miriam Bowers Abbott’s home. And they had gorgeous weather outside to give all three of their little boys haircuts on their back patio. Kipp lined up Cole, Wyatt and Waylon, cut their hair and then they were free to do whatever they’d like for the rest of the day. Miriam and Kipp bought their house before they had children and when the children came, so did a colorful redecorating of their 1600 sq ft, three bedroom, one and a half bath home. The house is a traditional Cape Cod format nestled on a pretty, tree lined street in Beechwold. Built in the early 1950s, the Abbotts are only about the third people to own the home. They were drawn to the neighborhood’s walkability and love being close to High Street.

When you first enter their home, you walk into a room that feels like an aquarium. The large blue sofa, from the now closed Copenhagen, anchors the room; a similarly colored chair balances out the room. The corner lamp feels like bubbles and a coffee table with a fish inset completes the feeling. The coffee table was something they originally saw in New Orleans and liked immediately although they lacked the space and budget for it at the time. When they were lucky enough to come across it again, they scooped it up and it looks great in their space. Their colorful contemporary style is full of fun and things they like.

The animal themes continue as you go into the boys’ room. They got the beds from the Bunk & Loft Factory and the huge gorilla came from a neighborhood shop, Second Impressions.

They liked the beds they got from the Bunk and Loft Factory so much that they had the company custom build a king bed for their own bedroom. It was lots of storage with shelves at the foot and pull out drawers underneath. The fun art table in the corner, “Table for One,” is from an artist’s store that was once at Easton.

The piece of furniture that took them the longest to find was a dining room table. They went for years without one. When they finally did fine one they loved, it was from a place in California. Instead of shipping it, Miriam took the picture to Copenhagen and they were able to replicate it. The Herman Miller Eames dining chairs were a great deal her mom found at an auction in her hometown in Kansas for only $20 each. Quilts made by friends and a fun bookshelf finish the room.

The kitchen backsplash was a project that Miriam did herself. It consists of broken tile and kitchen objects and hooks to create a fun and useful wall. The area next to the kitchen is an art area for the kids. It used to be an outdoor patio that they enclosed, making it a much more useful addition to the home.

A peaceful spa-like retreat upstairs and a home gym and hangout room in the basement finish out the home. The kids go to Indian Springs Elementary School which has many involved parents. Miriam and Kipp love their neighbors and everything about the neighborhood and plan on staying in their home a long time.

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