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At Home Baby: A Sweet, Vintage Nursery

Anne Evans Anne Evans At Home Baby: A Sweet, Vintage Nursery
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When Amanda Hanna found out she was expecting a baby boy, she and her husband Bob redecorated the loft space in the upstairs of their 1200 square foot home into the nursery. Instead of the bright candy pink her Bakery Gingham shops are known for, the nursery is decorated in a palette of calming pastel blues and yellows. Amanda wanted a colorful, eclectic, and vintage space that she would also enjoy spending time in. The nursery is filled with fun finds from local shops, a few toys Amanda grew up with, and several do-it-yourself projects by Amanda.

Amanda and Bob enjoy owning older things that have a history. One day, they were at the Grandview Mercantile checking out their tag sale when they saw the perfect bench for the nursery. The colors of the bench complemented the space and they couldn’t beat the price ($50!). Hey Diddle Diddle was Amanda’s favorite nursery rhyme and the bench is a lovely reminder of that. It makes a unique focal point for the room and also has great storage space.

Amanda Hanna and the Hey Diddle Diddle bench.

The crib is from one of their favorite stores for baby items – locally owned and operated Petit Green. Petit Green celebrated their two year anniversary last August and is located inside of the Polaris Mall. The couple also found the cute daschund soft storage basket by 3 Sprouts and a set of bright puzzle blocks by DwellStudio Kids at Petit Green.

Bob and Amanda have two bulldogs and are also avid cyclists. When they were thinking about artwork for the nursery’s walls, they wanted to find fun pieces reflecting those interests. Amanda found the bulldog art print on the Etsy shop Wallfry. The red and green bicycles in a city park is an anniversary card Amanda gave to Bob one year and then framed it for the nursery.

Bob is from Cleveland and on a trip to visit family and friends, he and Amanda stopped into a small pancake house for breakfast. The restaurant was having an art exhibit and Amanda and Bob both noticed the bears riding a bicycle. They both loved the whimsy of the print and on a whim decided to buy it. It is by Lakewood, Ohio artist Kris Williams whose Etsy shop is We & The Bean. The print has found a great new home in the nursery.

Amanda has a few things in the nursery from her childhood – the big yellow piggy bank, soft baby blanket, and a few of the books she grew up reading. Underneath the bench they found at Objects for the Home are two tomato crates her parents used when they were actively farming. Now the crates have found a new home as storage for baby things.

Some of the other shops she has found things are My own Room for the glider, ottoman, and dresser and SōBō Style for the side table and vintage board game artwork by Michelle Geissbuhler of Goathill Productions. She also made the first purchase for her baby at SōBō Style – Henrietta the Hen, a cute plushie that reminds Amanda of her childhood.

Henrietta the Hen and friends.

The planet mobile above the crib is a do-it-yourself project Amanda did. She made the planets hanging on the wall by wrapping Christmas ornaments with yarn. She also sewed the pillows. Another project she did was wrapping the letter C in yarn for their baby’s name, Chance.

When thinking about names, Bob and Amanda each made lists and Chance happened to be on both of their lists. While they were visiting Amanda’s father one day, he casually mentioned the name Chance, which was a family name, the name of Amanda’s great uncle. She and Bob thought that was a neat coincidence and decided they both liked the name Chance for their baby very much.

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