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At Home: A new apartment, a new look at Columbus

Anne Evans Anne Evans At Home: A new apartment, a new look at Columbus
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Moving to a new part of the city is a great way to make it feel like a new place again.

Cesar Seguil and Billy Ashley, with Oreo.

“We feel like we get to experience a different part of Columbus,” says Billy Ashley, when he and his partner Cesar Seguil moved from the Short North to the Brewery District.

They each had their own apartment in the Short North and last November, felt it was the right time to find a place together. They took a day off of work and decided to drive around and see what they could find in the rental market. After checking out a few neighborhoods, Ashley recalled seeing information about 570 Lofts on the ColumbusUnderground’s Urban Living page and they headed to the Brewery District.

“It was still under construction when we looked at it in November,” says Ashley, “but we knew right away that this was the exact apartment we wanted.”

The building’s leasing agent, Katie Brunner, showed them a few floor options. They were both really impressed with the building, and with the Edwards Companies.

“Katie helped make this an easy decision,” says Seguil.

Both Seguil and Ashley graduated from The Ohio State University and had been living in the Short North area for another five years after getting jobs for the university.

“I thought we would be so homesick for the Short North,” says Seguil. It turns out that he loves the building and their apartment so much that they haven’t been missing their neighborhood too much. It also helps that the Brewery District has been enjoying a renewed interest among developers, restaurant owners, and entertainment operators.

The 808 square-foot, one bedroom, one bath apartment has large (and operable!) windows that provide them with a wonderful view and breeze. It also had a kitchen island, which Seguil loves, and the bedroom is separated from the living room, which Ashley loves.

“We’ve been cooking a lot more since we moved in together,” says Seguil. They’ve also been entertaining family and friends more often.

Exposed brick and wood beams are visible throughout the apartment and the building. A grassy landscaped common area on the South end of the building provides a place to relax, cookout, and enjoy the outdoors with your pet.

The couple has decorated with a music theme throughout their apartment. Music is very important to their relationship, it is what they bonded over early on, and continue to enjoy.

“Ashley got me into going to concerts and now I can’t get enough of it,” says Seguil. They first went to Lollapalooza together, have plans to attend Bonaroo this year, and love to see their favorite local band, The Regrettes.

Moving to the Brewery District has allowed them to find new ways to enjoy every-day aspects of their lives such as running. The proximity to the Scioto Mile and the Scioto Audobon is something they both enjoy.

“You don’t always need to move away from your city to get a new take on it,” says Ashley. Sometimes all it takes is a new place to call home.

At Home is a monthly column on Columbus Underground focused on urban home remodeling and style as well as older home renovations and unique homes in Columbus. If you would like to have your home featured in the At Home series, please send me an email at [email protected].

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