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Artist-Run Gallery Space to Open in Westgate BusinessWorks Storefront

Taijuan Moorman Taijuan Moorman Artist-Run Gallery Space to Open in Westgate BusinessWorks Storefront
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Westgate BusinessWorks’ newest tenant, 3060 Artworks, will be an artist-run gallery and event space that provides public art to the Hilltop community.

Patti Von Niessen, who serves as executive director for Summer Jam West, an annual arts and music festival taking place in the Hilltop area, has known owners Barbara Miller and Daryl Hennessy since she moved into the neighborhood in 2009.

Miller and Hennessy have been developing Westgate BusinessWorks since 2015. Currently, the buildings at the corner of West Broad Street and Westmoor Avenue house Clay Street Ceramics, Gypsy Soul Antiques & Vintage Decor, ME and the MOON, and coffee shop Third Way Cafe.

After being invited to contribute to Westgate BusinessWorks’ Pop Up Holiday Shop last November and seeing the storefront for herself, Von Niessen says she knew she wanted to use the final vacant space.

“Originally, I thought of using the space as a shared studio with other artists,” she says, “but when speaking with the interested artists, it became clear that we all wanted the space used as a gallery.”

Stained Glass

Von Neissen’s work with stained glass initially attracted her to the space at 3060 W. Broad St. “The light called to me, and I knew I wanted to be there,” she says. (Stained glass art pictured above by Red Fox Art Glass)

Von Niessen has recruited 10 artists to feature work in the gallery, including Red Fox Art Glass, Art Dominos, TVOXXAN, Ray Dwight Liming, Anne Balogh, Carolyn Baginski Porcelain, Vince Nobel Photography, Wendy Kendrick, Neera Sharma, and Jeff and Kandie Lowe. She says due to a low monthly artist fee, the collective is looking to add one or two more artists to join in.

Miller and Hennessy set out bring small businesses to the Hilltop to stimulate economic growth. With 3060 Artworks, however, Westgate BusinessWorks offers another opportunity to Hilltop residents.

Textile Art

Textile and collage artist Wendy Kendrick is another featured artist at 3060 Artworks.

Von Neissen’s work with the Summer Jam West Festival reflects a dedication to bringing public art to the Hilltop area, with 3060 Artworks furthering that mission. She says because of the influence of Summer Jam West, Hilltop residents are more aware of the art being made available to them.

Ceramic Art

Ceramicist Carolyn Baginski’s porcelain sculptures

“Barbara and Daryl have a unique business plan and a strong commitment to the Hilltop community,” she says. “I’m inspired by the changes that are happening up here on the Hilltop.”

The gallery’s grand opening will feature live music from local acoustic band 30 Stories Up, plus more information about future events, workshops and demonstrations.

3060 Artworks’ grand opening is Saturday, Feb. 17 from 6 – 9 p.m. For more information, visit 3060 Artworks’ Facebook page.

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