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Artisan Dance Studio Opening in Clintonville

Walker Evans Walker Evans Artisan Dance Studio Opening in Clintonville
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Clintonville will soon have another place to get your body moving. Next week, Artisan Dance Studio will open their doors (and their floor) to the public at 4310 North High Street.

Jessica Kehn is the founder and co-owner of Artisan Dance Studio, who has been dancing since the age of three. She studied dance for two years at OSU, where she graduated with a degree in English and Dance. She went on to teach classes, but gave it up for a short while.

“I had stopped teaching dance for a year because I wanted to focus on finding a career,” says Kehn. “I thought I would find fulfillment in a job with nice clothes and high heels, but really I just wanted to be barefoot, pirouetting around a studio room. I missed the connection with my students and the ability to be creative, so I decided I would open a dance studio.”

So, the idea for Artisan Dance Studio was born, and the execution of that idea has turned into a family affair. Kehn says that she received assistance from her Uncles Don and Dan who took care of construction, her mother who is the other co-owner of the business, her older sister Julie who handled decor and painting, her middle sister who is the financial advisor, and her father — who she describes as a perfectionist — fixing all of the little details.

“This endeavor was created by me, but only took flight because of my incredible family,” she explains.

Artisan Dance Studio will officially open for business on Tuesday, September 4th in Clintonville.

“I love Clintonville — I work, live, and play here,” says Kehn. “I know my neighbors, I know the people who own the businesses I frequent… it’s a connected community, and I know the dance studio belongs here.”

More information can be found online at www.artisandancestudio.com.

Painting photo by Jessica Kehn. All other photos by Nick Lanno.


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