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Angela Meleca Closes Gallery, Joins Community-Driven Nonprofit Besa

Taijuan Moorman Taijuan Moorman Angela Meleca Closes Gallery, Joins Community-Driven Nonprofit Besa
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Angela Meleca has announced the closure of Angela Meleca Gallery, stemming from a new role with community-service driven nonprofit Besa.

Meleca will be joining the team at Besa as Director of Advancement, focusing on relationship building and fundraising.

Besa is an award-winning organization that connects individuals and businesses with community service projects, previously partnering with companies like Big Lots, CoverMyMeds, EXPRESS, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, Kaufman Development, L Brands and more. The “game-changing” organization has made more than $2 million in direct community impact.

“My passion for community and connecting people through experiences that transform thought and perspective has always been at the core of why I do what I do,” Meleca said in an announcement of her new role. “To be able to continue to do that, although in a different way, I have decided it is time to pivot into a new role that will allow me to help connect communities with more profound affinity.”

Meleca also said she will continue to remain active in the arts community in Columbus and work with artists.

“From the beginning, I envisioned a space focused on being transformational, not primarily transactional, and it has been most gratifying to receive support — emotional, financial, and otherwise — from so many. Thank you,” said Meleca.

Before opening her gallery, Meleca was a political journalist and press secretary for the Ohio Senate. Besa CEO Matthew Goldstein said her previous work experience has prepared her well for her new role at Besa.

“Angela is passionate about connecting people and building bridges for a higher purpose. She did it as a journalist. She did it in politics. She did it as an active and thoughtful member of the Columbus arts community. I am thrilled that she’ll now be doing it with us,” Goldstein said. “Angela’s experience and passion will help amplify Besa and ultimately this entire community.”

For more information, visit givebesa.org.

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