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Ambushed Salon Now Open in The Short North

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The Yukon Building in the Short North is gaining a new tenant as Ambushed Salon plans their grand opening for December’s Holiday Hop on Saturday, December 4th. Ambushed is the creation of stylist Amy Bush, and focuses on clientele with naturally curly hair. We recently spoke with Amy to find out more about her new business.

Q: Tell us a bit about your background as a stylist.

A: I entered cosmetology school when I was 15 and earned my license when I was 17, so, I pretty much have cut hair for most of my life. I’ve trained nationally and internationally, from London to New York, with some of the top names in salon education. But, a lot of my philosophies grew out of real life experiences with my clients. I’m very motivated by movements and trends in how people view themselves through what they think is beautiful. That’s how I was inspired to create a curly hair salon. There was a void that needed to be filled.

Q: So tell more about why Ambushed focuses on curly haired clients.

A: I have naturally curly hair myself, thanks to both my mom and dad, and I’ve had to find ways to get it correctly cut and styled my whole life. I hear stories all the time of people who never could manage or style their hair the way they wanted and left salons disappointed because their stylist didn’t know how to cut curly hair. I wanted to help individuals embrace their curls and not only accept their hair but love it, too. I got a call the other day from a client who brought her 10-year-old daughter, who has curly hair, in to see me and after she left she told her mom that she felt pretty. Her mom said she had never described herself that way, ever. That to me is a gift that not too many people have the ability to give.

Q: What drew you to the space in the Yukon Building in the Short North?

A: I was looking for a unique, raw space and when I was shown this location, I saw its potential. Ultimately, this space had all of the elements I was looking for. It had character. It had the aged brick wall in the back, the wood floors, and the 20 foot high ceilings that gave it a lofty feel. The key though, was the natural light coming in from the skylight. One of the things I’ve always dreamed of having, if I ever had my own space, was natural light. It is as much of a tool as my scissors or hairdryer and it’s something that the majority of salons don’t have.

Q: How would you describe the style of the space now that it’s been renovated?

A: It’s a mix of modern and timeless décor. Industrial nostalgia with a little bit of whimsy. We have everything from a traditional French settee that’s covered with strips of denim, to pieces that were re-purposed from the Ohio State University’s School of Architecture and then customized by local craftsmen. We use them to display our product line in a unique way that further compliments the space. There are also touches of myself throughout the salon. Horses are another passion of mine so you will find elements of that scattered throughout the space.

The calming blue walls also allow for a unique gallery space where local artists’ work will be featured on a rotating basis. Ambushed Salon is thrilled to open up the space with artwork provided and placed by Jeff Hersey, owner of the Terra Gallery.

Q: Do you feel that having an art gallery space in the salon is important to being in the Short North?

A: The Short North is the pulse of the city and is the arts district for this area. This is also where people come together to support the small, local business. I want to support that, too. It’s also about the field I’m in. It’s more than just doing a haircut or a color. It’s an art of its own. I think having artwork that supports that vision is important. Art evokes an emotion and finding the right artwork to support the emotions that I want to capture in the salon was very important to me. I wanted the art work to evoke, warmth, peacefulness, relaxation and be welcoming and calming, too. This space allows me to showcase local artists and share their work with people who would normally not be exposed to art.

Q: Anything else we should know about the Grand Opening in December?

A: This is a way for me to thank everyone who has been there and supported me through the last year as well as introducing Ambushed to the neighbors, the public and the city of Columbus. It’s also a way for me to connect my clients with some of other local small businesses who are supporting the party. Middle West Spirits will provide a signature Ambushed cocktail and we will have wine from Camelot Cellars. We will also have cupcakes from Bakery Gingham, artisan pretzels from Brêzel as well as other hors d’oeuvres to enjoy throughout the night.

More information can be found online at AmbushedSalon.com.

All photography by Adam Slane.

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