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Alum Creek Bike Path Connector Planned to Link Innis Park to Easton

Walker Evans Walker Evans Alum Creek Bike Path Connector Planned to Link Innis Park to EastonPhoto and Video via Michael Klink / CyclingExplorer.com.
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A half mile piece of missing bike trail along Alum Creek is currently all that is preventing the connection of the central portion of the path with the northern stretch. Once completed, the connector will bridge Innis Park with Easton for continuous access to the bikeway for residents and visitors on the Northeast side of Columbus, Westerville and other communities.

“Completion of the Alum Creek Trail has been a long time coming for this community,” said Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman today. “I hope to be one of the first to ride my bike on it once it is finished.”

Coleman submitted legislation to Columbus City Council today that would allocate $1.6 million to the project to complete the connector, which includes two bridge crossings over Alum Creek and a smaller tributary in addition to normal asphalt, concrete and boardwalk construction. Once finished, the trail will provide improved access to parks, schools, neighborhoods and other amenities located within close proximity to the path.

“The City of Columbus continues to invest in infrastructure that will help our residents and visitors lead active lifestyles,” said Councilmember Hearcel Craig, chair of the Recreation and Parks Committee. “The Alum Creek Trail-Easton Extension Project will encourage a healthier community for everyone.”

City Council is expected to review the legislation sometime next month.

For ongoing discussion of the Bicentennial Bikeways Plan, CLICK HERE to visit our Messageboard.

For more information, visit Columbus.gov/AlumCreekTrail/.

Photo and Video via Michael Klink / CyclingExplorer.com.

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