Alternate Design Considered for Hubbard and High Development

Walker Evans Walker Evans Alternate Design Considered for Hubbard and High DevelopmentRenderings via Architectural Alliance.
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Yesterday, we published an update on a new Short North development proposal at the intersection of Hubbard and High. The concept, presented by WSA Studio, was called a “study” being considered by a local development team, but it was mentioned that another design was also being considered.

Later in the afternoon we learned that the other design, created by local firm Architectural Alliance, has actually been submitted to the Italian Village Commission for review at next Tuesday’s meeting.

“We met with the Liu family for four or five weeks, and they mentioned at some point that they had also brought in another group,” explained Jonathan Grubb, Project Manager at Architectural Alliance. “We knew someone else was looking at the project as well, so that’s why there are two concepts, but we were shocked when we saw the renderings published yesterday.”

The land being studied for development is owned by the Liu family, who also owns and operates Haiku next door. Both proposals present a similar building function and footprint that includes a mix of ground-floor retail and covered parking, class-A office space, and two floors of residential units. The Architectural Alliance design reflects a different design aesthetic that is still contemporary and height-appropriate for the area.

“At this point, this is mostly an architectural study,” added Grubb. “Elford Development has helped with initial pricing to help make sure this project is doable for the Liu family.”

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All renderings provided by Architectural Alliance —


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