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Columbus Advertising, Event Sponsorship

Columbus Advertising, Event Sponsorship

Why advertising with Columbus Underground could be the most important marketing decision you make for your business:

Click here to download our 2021 Media Kit via Dropbox.

Every business owner wants to make the smartest marketing choices for their business. When it comes to advertising your business and finding new customers, where should you start?

Considering local Columbus advertising options that reach the people you want to reach is a great place to begin. Columbus Underground offers a variety of ways for your business to connect your message with the local audiences you want to reach. Our staff is here to help you with advertising solutions so you can make the best and most effective marketing strategy for your business.

About Columbus Underground

Columbus Underground is a dynamic community-driven online news publisher that offers news, reviews, events, opinions and insight regarding all topics related to life in Columbus, Ohio. It's a trusted voice in the city and it's where influencer marketing was happening before Instagram even existed. If it's on Columbus Underground, you can be sure people know about it!

A brief history of Columbus Underground

Columbus Underground was launched in November 2001 as an online resource for everyone interested in keeping up with our city's dining, nightlife, and entertainment scenes. Since then, our news coverage has grown on our range of topics, as well as our readership, and has become the most well-read independently-owned online media publisher in Columbus, earning awards including Best General News Site in the state of Ohio (2016, 2017) by The Society of Professional Journalists.

Experiential Event Series

Columbus Underground has been creating specialized experiential events since 2014 when we launched the Urban Living Tour and Best Bites Burgers. Since then, our events have evolved into large scale festival-type atmospheres that bring together a showcase of restaurants, chefs, retailers, sponsors, brands, and guests to enjoy the best Columbus culture has to offer. Some of our events include the annual Sweet Treats Columbus Dessert Festival (1,000 attendees), Coffee Festival - a coffee festival at Ohio Village (7,000 attendees), Urban Living Tours (800+ attendees), a Healthy Living Festival, and more. These events create the perfect atmosphere for your business and brand to showcase what you do! Want to learn more? Please contact one of our sales executives below to learn how experiential marketing and customized brand activations with Columbus Underground can be an important part of your business marketing plan, helping you engage your customers, create emotional attachment to your product or service, and achieve your business goals. It's Columbus advertising at its best!

Why choose Columbus Underground for Columbus advertising?

If you are looking for local advertising options for your business and learn how to reach new customers, as well as share your business with the community, learning more about advertising with Columbus Underground is a priority. Plus, you'll be supporting one of Columbus' unique cultural assets and local journalism!

Who reads Columbus Underground?

Simply put, our demographics skew toward a younger, well-educated, urban-minded, and affluent audience than most other local media publishers. Our audience is interested in knowing more about what makes our city special and also supporting those businesses. The following statistics provide a more detailed breakdown:

Columbus Underground Annual Website Traffic:

Total Annual Visits: 4,100,000+ visits
Absolute Unique Annual Visitors: 2,200,000+ users
Total Annual Pageviews: 6,300,000+ pageviews

Average Visitors Per Month: 247,000+ visitors
Average Pageviews Per Month: 525,000+ pageviews

Average Visitors Per Week: 51,600+ visitors
Average Pageviews Per Week: 121,000+ pageviews

All statistics based on info gathered Jan 1, 2020 - Dec 31, 2020 utilizing Google Analytics.

Columbus Underground Social/Email Reach: 403,100+ Fans

Total Email Subscribers: 45,700+ (as of January 2021)
Total Facebook Followers: 89,500+ (as of January 2021)
Total Twitter Followers: 170,400+ (as of January 2021)
Total Instagram Followers: 97,500+ (as of January 2021)

Click here to download our 2021 Media Kit via Dropbox.

For more information regarding advertising opportunities for your business and brand, please contact our advertising sales executives:

contact Bonnie to advertise your business or event in ColumbusBonnie Vue
[email protected] — mobile: 614-681-1477

Bonnie grew up in Akron where she graduated from The University of Akron with a degree in mechanical engineering. After working as an engineer for eight years, she decided life is too short and pursued her passion of marketing & advertising. She moved to Columbus feeling like Carrie Bradshaw in the hottest pair of Manolos walking down High Street instead of 5th Avenue. Catch her on YouTube and Instagram @bonntaub where she's conquering one delicious city at a time or teaching you how to cook and not follow a recipe!

Matt Fujita
[email protected]

Matt is a "Double Bobcat," graduating from Ohio University with undergraduate and graduate degrees in education. Originally from Huron, on the shore of Lake Erie, Matt is going on his third year in Columbus and continues to find new, fun reasons to put down roots in the city. To reach Matt, please see the contact information provided. If that fails, try your local sports facility where you are likely to find him participating in a rec league or trying to invent the next great game.

If you are a vendor interested in participating in any our Events, please contact our Director of Events at [email protected].

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The Columbus Coffee Festival Returns!

The 6th Annual Columbus Coffee Festival returns on Saturday September 25th and Sunday September 26th!