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Adam Brouillette’s Take on The Big Table

Adam Brouillette’s Take on The Big Table
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Local Artists Interpret The Big Table through work

To kick off and promote this year’s Big Table, taking place all across central Ohio on August 28, The Columbus Foundation commissioned local artists to interpret what coming together as a community means to them. Through these mixed-media tablecloths, artists showcased their creative talent and their love for the Columbus community—in hopes to inspire all residents (like YOU) to participate in a community conversation on August 28.

This “Big Tablecloth” was completed by Adam Brouillette. Adam shared, “In today’s world of hot takes, internet trolling, and headline newsfeeds, I find simple conversations to be increasingly important. I especially value (and have tried to create in my circles of influence) conversations amongst people from different backgrounds, with different ideas, and different goals. I find that the polarization that can happen online, when brought into a face to face conversation, can be much more enlightening and informative. I love that The Big Table helps to do just that. In my tablecloth, I tried to create a scene where conversations are being had between many people, and that creative enterprises like art, music, and food take part in the larger conversation. I believe the creative class to be a vital part of bridging gaps and finding solutions.”

The Big Table brings neighbors, friends, and strangers together for open, thoughtful conversations that will spark new relationships and new ways for working together to strengthen our community. Any and all are welcome and encouraged to host or join a Big Table conversation! Learn how you can participate.

We’ll be sharing highlights of the other “Big Tablecloths” leading up to The Big Table on August 28. In the meantime, share your excitement and your past Big Table experiences with #TheBigTable!

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