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ACRE: Farm-to-Table To-Go Opening this Fall in Clintonville

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson ACRE: Farm-to-Table To-Go Opening this Fall in Clintonville
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The farm-to-table movement is alive, well, and delicious. With no shortage of farmers markets and the chefs who support them, Columbus is a town that’s embraced the practice of fresh, local eating.

So when Todd Mills, who had moved to Columbus from the Bay Area, worked with development and marketing for Local Matters, and who most recently, earned his MBA from Fisher College of Business, decided to open his own restaurant, he had a clear plan.

It begins with his non-profit work with Human Rights and Buy Local organizations out west. Those interests paved the way for his work with our own Local Matters, where his interactions with chefs, farmers, foodies, and food advocates help shape the direction of his first restaurant.

The idea started with an interest in providing healthy food for low-income families, and became ACRE: Farm-to-Table To-Go, where the goal is to provide everyone access to the best and freshest ingredients available, and present those ingredients in ways that’re tasty, accessible, and affordable.

It’s a spin off what he’s already presented at The Hills Market Worthington, where last summer he hosted a pop-up restaurant for lunch called The Granary Grill, serving dishes like Moroccan Tacos and Kale Salad with dried cherries and Gerber chicken.

Mills used this opportunity to test both his recipes and his concept, and with the feedback he’s received from customers, he’s set the menu for ACRE – one filled with salads, bowls, tacos, and wraps made with selective local ingredients.


All of the items on ACRE’s menu will be built on a base of high-quality grains, greens, and meats, and cost under $10, ensuring the quick stop diners make is an affordable one as well. Guests can also expect to find snacks, sweets, and smoothies for sale at ACRE, in addition to full meals.

Dishes will include Napa Apple Salad, a refreshing mix of lettuce, apple, fennel, and carrots in a cider vinaigrette, Mexican Mole Bowl, with house-made mole sauce, Thai Burrito, with coconut rice and shredded vegetables, and Moo Shu Taco, a clever twist on a lunch time favorite.

ACRE will also feature a Kids Menu, as well as carry nibbles like Sweet & Salty Popcorn, Curried Roasted Cauliflower, and Sweet Corn Cookies for an on-the-move munch. Smoothies, like Peanut Butter & Banana made with almond milk, will also be available for a healthy pick-me-up.

“It’s going to be a grab ‘n’ go version at an affordable price,” shares Mills on the concept. “I think there’s a need for this as folks want to eat healthy, but not spend a whole lot. This is for moms who want healthy meals for their kids, or people who want to eat right, but don’t know how to cook right.”

ACRE: Farm-to-Table To-Go will be located at 2700 North High Street, former site of Graffiti Burger and, more recently, Talita’s. The 2,500 square feet restaurant will be able to seat 40-50 guests, and utilize the drive-thru already there to aid in convenience.

ACRE Farm-to-Table To-Go hopes to open this October. Their hours of operation are not yet set, but they will definitely serve lunch and dinner.

To follow the progress of ACRE: Farm-to-Table To-Go, visit www.facebook.com/acrefoods.

All photos via ACRE.

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