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AC Hotel Dublin’s AC Lounge Will Be Open to Public

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega AC Hotel Dublin’s AC Lounge Will Be Open to PublicPhoto by Walker Evans.
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The AC Hotel Columbus Dublin by Marriott is nearing completion and will accept its first guest next Tuesday, September 26. The 150-room hotel is part of phase one of the Bridge Park development, opening access to the diverse restaurant, retail and entertainment options to Dublin visitors. One element available to anyone, regardless of their check-in status at the AC, is the AC Lounge.

Just past the lobby lies the bar, fully stocked with liquor, wine on tap and canned beers, and offering a menu of small plates, snacks and sweets. The bar and food menu, and the hotel itself, are heavily inspired by Spanish culture. The star of the show is their gin, a spirit that AC Hotel Columbus Dublin General Manager Orcun Turkay said is a key element of Spanish cuisine.

To elevate their gin list, the AC Hotel has partnered with Watershed Distillery to create a custom gin only available at the hotel and through Watershed itself.

The food menu includes dishes like roasted salmon and spiced lentil stew, herb rubbed roast chicken, tomato and olives, and antipasto salad with prosciutto, salami, mozzarella and roasted vegetables, among other items. Snack options range from spicy roasted fava beans to parmesan and sea salt kale chips. And to finish it off, macaroons and goat cheese and honey cheesecake round out the dessert menu.

“It’s seasonal and Spanish-inspired,” said AC Lounge chef. “Not only with the AC Lounge, but with VASO upstairs, I get to utilize a lot of local ingredients and a lot of local friends and connections that I have.”

VASO, the rooftop bar and restaurant on the AC Hotel’s eighth floor, is still under construction and won’t be taking orders for several months. A sneak preview of the hotel revealed VASO’s bare bones, and with a little imagination, Turkay’s description of what it would become came into full view.

Guests will eventually take an elevator that will go straight from the first floor to the eighth, which will open into two bars, one inside and one outside. The outside bar will have casual, lounge seating throughout, a fire pit, and three covered and curtained cabanas. Tall torches will line these cabanas, and Turkay said they’d be “visible from very far away.”

Outdoor heaters will make the rooftop bar enjoyable year-round, which is a good thing, because it won’t open until November.

For more information, visit marriott.com.

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