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Abandoned Building to See New Life as Rise Brands HQ

Walker Evans Walker Evans Abandoned Building to See New Life as Rise Brands HQRendering via Architectural Alliance.
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Rise Brands – the company behind PINS Mechanical Co. and 16-Bit Bar+Arcade – is planning a relocation of their company offices into a building at 134 East Long Street. Plans to renovate the historic structure were reviewed by the Downtown Commission this morning.

“Rise has expanded past their current headquarters and they’re looking at this building basically because it’s really close to their main locations,” explained Brad Parish, President of Architectural Alliance, the architecture firm designing the project. “There’s interest in restoring the existing 1875 building to bring it back to its former glory.”

In addition to the historic renovation, plans call for metal screening for climbing ivy around some of the building’s surface parking lot with a raised patio on top. The site is adjacent to another Downtown development project that was approved in June, and only one block from another historic renovation project that is already under way.

Currently, Rise Brands employs 22 in its main office at 123 East Chestnut Street, with plans to grow to 55 in the coming years, with 700 workers employed at its various locations in total.

Rise Brands launched their 16-Bit Bar+Arcade brand at 254 South Fourth Street in Downtown Columbus in 2013. Additional locations have opened in Cincinnati and Cleveland, and locations in Nashville, Indianapolis and Dublin are currently under construction. The PINS Mechanical Co. venue first launched at 141 North Fourth Street in Downtown Columbus, with a second location now open in Dublin. Additional PINS venues are under construction in Cincinnati and Nashville.

No vote was taken by the Downtown Commission, as the project was only submitted for conceptual review this month. Finalized plans are expected to return at a later date for approval.

Renderings via Architectural Alliance.

For more information, visit www.risebrands.com.

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