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A Message on World Kindness Day

 Margaret Robinson, The Columbus Foundation A Message on World Kindness DayDr. Amy Acton, Director of Kind Columbus, delivers a message to the community on World Kindness Day.
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At times, especially times like this, it is helpful to remind ourselves that it’s darkest before dawn. We see the difficult months ahead and feel weary from those we’ve already endured. The morning light will come, but until it does, we must rally together to support one another and keep each other safe.

Times like this call for courage, determination, and sacrifice. They also call for kindness. Seemingly simple acts of kindness are exactly what can help us keep our community unified right now, and help us heal our divisions. With today being World Kindness Day, it feels like an opportune time to share a message from Dr. Amy Acton, Director of Kind Columbus at The Columbus Foundation, about the importance of kindness toward one another and ourselves.

A message on World Kindness Day from Dr. Amy Acton, Director of Kind Columbus at The Columbus Foundation.

While the road ahead will be difficult, we do not have to travel it alone. In the coming weeks, Dr. Acton will be sharing resources for practicing kindness inwardly and outwardly, as well as other kindness-related information. If you would like to receive those communications, please sign up here.

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